Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beautiful Cianjur, Beautifully Gunung Padang

"Gunung Padang"

According to some archaeologists, geologists, and astronomers, Site Mount Padang probably not a pyramid. However, the site still has the potential to be developed into a tourist area.As stated in "Rembug Archeological Site Mount Padang" held on Thursday (29/03/2012) at the National Archaeological Center, Housing, South Jakarta.In that event, Sutikno Bronto, geologists Geological Agency Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), revealed that Mount Padang is not a pyramid, but an ancient volcano.

"Mount Padang is lava stopper in the ancient volcano crater," said Sutikno. Corks are the top neck lava volcanoes sticking to the surface.Sutikno explained stoppers scattered lava destroyed by tectonic processes and erosion. Local people in the past and then use it to build punden terraces for worship.Over time, punden terraces are abandoned, allegedly because of an earthquake or landslide. Currently found the remains of the structure punden terraces.Opinions Sutikno against catastrophic Purba research team said that the structure of the obtained at Mount Padang is man-made.Ancient catastrophic team, previous drilling by 20 meters deep, found three cavities in the body of the mountain. The team also found a layer of sand.In addition, the team also claimed that the megalithic sites of Mount Padang no ordinary website. The site is older than the Pyramids of Giza or the built circa 4700 BC.

Development of tourism potentialAlthough found Gunung Padang is not a pyramid, Sutikno also assume that the development of the site of the mountain, as a tourist destination, potentially."Information concerning the existence of pyramid building enough as fiction to supplement natural tourist attraction in Mount Padang," said Sutikno.In addition to about pyramids, Mount Padang also has a myth of "Carry the Rock". Told that anyone who could remove the stone would reap success in life.Another tourist potential mine tour. Sutikno, the Mount Padang has a metal and minerals, which is why people can be invited to enjoy the mining process.Associated with tourism potential, Imam Haris, Head of Culture and Tourism Cianjur, said that tourism development master plan now being made."For that we need to acquire land. Has anybody done. Going forward, we will release another 20 acres. Total to be released is 50 acres," he said.Tourism is developed, in addition to geology, is a tea garden which is planned to be done with tea producers Sosro. There is also a waterfall, located near Mount Padang.Types of tours by train will also be developed. Visitors can enjoy the experience of riding the steam train from Cianjur.Great tourism potential because in recent times, the number of tourists 200-300 people per week.Highlighting the tourism development plan, archaeologist recalled the importance of preserving Mount Padang megalithic sites. Planning should be done so that the site is not damaged like some other travel

"Have fun in Gunung Padang" 

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